"Danny is one of my Black Belts and has been with me a long time, he is doing a great job teaching my father’s art in the UK"

Royce Gracie - UFC Hall of Fame

Professor Gui Valente - Helio Gracie Navy Belt

Ken Pankiewicz - KickFit Martial Arts, Slough

Chris Ellis - Ellis academy of Self Defence Surrey

Chris Pritchard - PMA Caernarfon, North Wales


"Training at MacMillan Martial Arts Academy has not only developed me in my martial arts career but as a person as well"

Harry “MADMAC” McLeman - Pro Middle Weight MMA Fighter/Bushido Challenge British Champion and BAMMA UK Signed fighter

"My 7 year old has autism and chronic anxiety; he never has the confidence to participate in anything. Despite the set backs and with much patience and understanding Danny is teaching him jiu jitsu -and he's getting good! I'm so glad I found the MacMillan Martial Arts Academy and I will be eternally grateful to Danny and his team for giving my son the gift of inclusion. Very very highly recommended!"

Alison Thornton

"Danny and his team were outstanding. Their advanced training methods helped get our guys into top condition"

James Owen - Strength and Conditioning Coach Plymouth Albion Rugby Club

"A great workout, hardest 2 hours of my life. Brilliant"

Ruairi Cushion - Plymouth Albion Scrum Half

"I’ve had the privilege of training, travelling and being friends with Danny Macmillan. A great instructor should be a skilled practitioner of their art, a role model and someone you can count on. Danny is all the above. I would give him my stamp of approval, but he already has Royce Gracie’s"

Robert Thompson – Royce Gracie Black Belt, owner of Xequemate BJJ Jacksonville, FL USA

"Incredible instructors, students and atmosphere. The emphasis is on getting every single detail correct, not rushing people through the system pointlessly. This is second to none, world class training right here in our own city. Very humbling yet fulfilling. Thank you for making me feel a part of something awesome!"

Alistair Phippen

"Only been here for 2 weeks & I absolutely love it. Everyone is incredibly friendly and always happy to help ... made me feel very welcome. Thanks guys! I look forward to my journey here with you all"

Sam Cory

"I cannot recommend MMAA highly enough! Very friendly and welcoming from the start and the knowledge and commitment of the coaching is second to none! Can't wait for my next session!"

Kyle Simpson

"Danny's focus on pure Jiu Jitsu and his innate ability to teach, make the academy a great place to visit. His students' passion, involvement and the air of professionalism make it a place you want to stay. Thank you, Danny, Ricky and the team, for enriching my BJJ journey."

Daniel T Gore

"I had the pleasure of meeting Danny and his team on a free first session for my 5 year old daughter. The way they involved her in the first class with her buddy for the day Ethan, who was so kind and helpful. He is a product of good parenting and true martial arts mentality. This is why olivia for as long as she enjoys it will be attending hopefully into adulthood."

Andy Berry

"My daughter was quite shy and due to start school in September. We wanted to help boost her confidence to make the transition to school life as smooth as possible. We found RGJJSW and were immediately impressed by their family friendly ethos. The focus on how to deal with bullies, as well as lessons regarding stranger danger and road safety were all massively reassuring as a parent. Danny, Shaune and the team make the lessons a tremendous amount of fun for the kids, but the lessons are also very well run, with an emphasis on discipline and respect. This also helps prepare your child for the school environment.

My daughter took a few lessons to join in with everything, but the teachers were very patient and caring, and pretty soon my shy little girl was taking part in every aspect of the class and volunteering to be the first to learn a new technique. She has been attending class for about 8 months now and her confidence has improved significantly. She recently attended her first visit to her new school without parents, and waltzed into her new classroom without any concerns! I was more nervous than she was! A large part of this is due to the excellent tuition she has received at RGJJSW. We have also witnessed a couple of occasions in local play parks where older kids have tried to push her or her younger sister around, and she has been able to stand up for herself and her sister, and then come and tell an adult what happened. As a parents this gives us real reassurance in terms of her starting to school.

A massive thanks to Danny, Shaune and all at RGSWJJ. Give it a try, your kids will love it, and receive valuable life skills in the process."

Mark Millard

"I have trained here since last November. (That makes it about a year now.) It has been of huge benefit to my awareness and fitness, amongst other things. Everyone that attends is friendly and helpful, ensuring that you make the most of your time there. I would strongly recommend that anyone in the area gives it a go regardless of their age."

Danail Dimitrov

"I really enjoy the atmosphere at your club and look forward every week to the sessions. The coaching tips given and explanations also have real life relevance for self defence. Opportunities for people to go down the MMA route if they want to as well. "

Gavin R. Seymour

"This academy is simply the best around. Whether you want to compete or just learn skills to defend yourself Danny jnr and Danny snr have a wealth of knowledge that they can pass on to you. There is a friendly atmosphere, so you won't feel intimidated walking in for the first time. Check this place out!!!"

Rob Robins

"I remember my first time training here 4 months ago! Could not of asked for more from this academy! Learnt so much and the break down of each move in the class is shown and explained to the best standard! Great atmosphere and very friendly!! Highly recommend!"

Dan Jukes

"My daughter Heidi really loves attending here. She was very nervous to begin with and struggled leaving my side, but all staff were amazing at encouraging and comforting Heidi. Now she LOVES it, is now joining in most of the lessons, and enjoys telling all her friends and family about her sessions."

Dave Evans

"We asked Macmillan Martial Arts to provide some training for our Security staff. They provided an excellent service, Danny is a great tutor, very knowledgeable and hands on - all of our staff left the session very happy."

Tony Merrick

"Amazing place to train! professional, friendly, clean and surrounded by great people, all of which want to help you grow and learn!"

Ryan Morgan

"One of the best martial arts schools in the country. If your not training here... YOU SHOULD.. You'll be a better martial artist if you do."

Chris Ellis

"My son absolutely loves his jiu jitsu classes. They have given him a massive confidence boost! He would happily attend classes more than the twice a week! "

Piera Cutone

"Just went for my first session and was so impressed! Great work ethic, very friendly and professional - I wholeheartedly recommend giving RGJJ a go here"

Sarah Clifford